Sunday, April 19, 2009


I live in the desert. One of the hottest places in the United States - and it is a very hot desert, not some whimpy chapparal country like San Bernardino where if it hits 90 degrees everyone freaks out. No, we're talking 80s in May average, 90s in June and forget anything less than 3 digits until October hot. It is so hot there are certain times of year when my family will not come out to visit.

So, needless to say when I attended a compost class and they assured me that eventually there would be worm in my compost I scoffed. Dig down 5 feet and not a worm will you find in the native soil/sand. I thought the Master Composter (yes, its a real title) was just engaging in some wishful thinking.

But yesterday I was doing some compost maintenance. Mine has never heated up despite outside temps even. I always thought I was sort of doing something wrong, it was out of balance and therefore worms were a pipedream. But as I turned the advanced one over (I have two, one advanced and one I'm adding to) there those squiggily little red suckers were. Wow. Ain't nature wonderful? Who knows where they come from!? Waaaaay underneath the earth... but how do they know? Some tell tale taste must trickle down and they decide to make their way up. My compost bins have been active almost two years now. Wow, worms, I'm so proud.