Thursday, August 25, 2011

Come on nematodes! Hopefully you are still alive. As you can see the white moth grubs have gotten ahold of and had their way with my lawn. I waited way too long to order nematodes, first from one vendor who "had a problem with the vendor" and they wouldn't be available till mid-September. By that time I wouldn't have a lawn left!

The batch of nematodes I spread around tonight are possibly still alive. I ordered these from Home Depot online/phone and the lady who helped me on the phone was nice enough to give me free two day shipping, when normally it takes 6-8 working days, because I'd told her the state of my lawn and that we'd be leaving early Friday for the weekend. Nice! However UPS may have undone that kindness by LEAVING LIVE NEMATODES OUTSIDE THE DOOR! For over three hours. As I drove up I saw the big florescent green sticker on the side of the box which reads "Refrigerate Upon Delivery!". Guess the UPS dude didn't see that because he DID NOT RING THE BELL and the hubby and kids were home all day long.

Sigh. Fingers crossed some of those little critters made it.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Who knew! Borage will keep hornworms away if planted near tomatoes! Who knew... well, obviously thousands of other people, just not me.

Tomatoes were more successful this year than ever. Here in the desert that is a thing. They grow all year long here but I had never had more than a couple fruits on each plant. Roma tomatoes did gang busters though!

I will keep at it however and see if I can't get some winter tomatoes going!