Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day Two

I guess this blog about my detox experience is a consume less, enjoy more prospect!  Day two and so far, so good.  I even watched two Anthony Bourdain shows last night in a row and it didn't make me jump off the wagon, even as the husband was waving a bag of cheese puffs in my face.  Good thing I don't like cheese puffs much!

But I don't think I realized how much sugar I was eating because I have been craving sugar today a bit.  I found a pack of gum in my purse so I went with that.  I don't suppose sugar free gum is on the detox diet...

But it is solidly mid-day and I have not even eaten my snack, which is a good thing.  I am afraid I miscombined slightly, including a potato - starch - with my egg and cheese on my salad.  I can tell that the food is sort of resting there in my system, not speeding through.  But I am already feeling less dizzy and a little more focused.  I hadn't noticed how unfocused my vision actually is until this morning when I realized my focus is better.  Odd that.

And though yesterday for some reason my scale would not give me my pounds (it gave me BMI and percentage of fat and water and bone) so I couldn't actually check, have I lost a pound already?!  I looked in the mirror this morning and just looked less puffy, jeans fit better, feel leaner.  So far, so good.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I have decided to do a Detox Diet.  I did it a couple of years ago for a few weeks.  It is the Natalia Rose program and I found it was very easy and pleasant and my body craved the food after just a short time.

But then, you know, stress, job loss, more stress, children growing, vacations... all that.

So, I broke my arm at the shoulder in January of this year, and since I have not been able to do much exercising.  On top of that there was about 2 months of pretty intense pain medication.  Now that it is summer the eczema I have suffered from on both my hands and to a more irritating extent my left foot (no pun intended) have flared, as they do this time of year.  And of course, because it's summer I am loath to wear socks, which would help with post flare up healing.  And, and I know this is a little squirrly, but I have begun to stink.  Literally.  I have never had much problem with underarm odor, but now I do.  No doubt all of the above mentioned, plus the intense stress of a year plus unemployed husband, contribute. 

So, there it is.  Necessity smacks you in the face.  And so I begin.

Shopped at Costco today for much romaine and carrots.  Prepared a big salad to be ready for tomorrow.  Mentally I feel ready to begin.  I will do my best to do 30 days.  And an inspiring event happened today.  I went to see the Royal Ballet's Sleeping Beauty at the movie theater - a fairly recent and welcome addition to our cultural landscape here in the desert.  My daughter is taking ballet and I love to watch the ballet so we went.  And as I watched I couldn't help wishing I could have that - no, not body - movement.  How wonderful it would be to have that sort of physical acumen.  To be able to feel that fluid and buoyant in your skin.  At 40-something I dare not harbor any fantasies of actually being able to do that, even when I was in my teens and twenties and taking dance class consistently I never felt that light.  But to at least be able to move about my world with grace and balance, that would be a feat.  Resolve in place and fingers crossed no major derailments!