Saturday, August 11, 2012

Un-raw Update

So I baked peanut butter cookies tonight. I cannot tell you how many tenets of raw fooding that broke.

I thought it would be easier doing this detox while the hubby was out of town. You know, one less finicky mouth to feed. But I underestimated, oh you know, how much life circumstances get in the way. A late meeting and my stepmom, who was nice enough to watch my kids and to make dinner, which I get to after 7 and starving. And portability problems and then there is the avocado thing. Nearly every salad recipe on the menu has it. All well and good for most but not my tummy. Can't eat it, makes me sick.

Ok fine. Then of course Fridays are a bust as previously noted. So not quite the weight loss I was hoping for...

But I feel less bloated and I figure if I keep combining well I will eventually feel thinner!

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